Ali Taylor




I’m Ali (pronounced 'alley'). 

Coffee, wine, and a nice warm fire are my vices. Early to bed, early to rise is how I roll. I’m a health freak and I despise plastic. If you gave me $20, I’d thank you, and then I would spend it on an over-priced, souped-up latte. My right brain and left brain talk well with each other. That’s helpful since I’m also a mom, a DIY fanatic, an avid chef, and a nature-lover. 

I’ve read that after the atomic explosions in Japan, roaches and ginkgo trees survived. I prefer the ginkgo tree — it’s beautiful, tenacious, and likes sunshine and rain.

With the ginkgo tree as my spirit animal (also represented in my logo), I’m a multidisciplinary designer who’s up for a challenge, loves to collaborate, and will see that challenge through to the end.

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